1. Weight class

  • 1.1 Bantamweight: -54 kg.
    1.2 Featherweight: -57 kg.
    1.3 Lightweight: -60 kg.
    1.4 Light welterweight: -64 kg.
    1.5 Welterweight: -69 kg.
    1.6 Middleweight: -75 kg.
    1.7 Light heavyweight: -81 kg.
    1.8 Heavyweight: +81 kg.

    2. Rounds

  • 2.1 Total of 2 rounds(number of rounds may be changed for suitability)
    2.2 Each round is 2 minutes in duration
    2.3 One minute rest period in-between rounds

    3. Fouls - The following are fouls and will result in penalties if committed:

  • 3.1 Headbutt
    3.2 Eye gouging of any kind
    3.3 Biting at an opponent
    3.4 Hair pulling
    3.5 No poking in the neck
    3.6 Groin attacks of any kind
    3.7 Intentionally placing a finger in any opponent's orifice
    3.8 Elbow strikes
    3.9 Strikes to, or grabs of the trachea
    3.10 Clawing, pinching, twisting the flesh
    3.11 Kicking or kneeing at the head of a grounded fighter
    3.12 Stomping of a grounded fighter
    3.13 Strikes to the spine or back of the head
    3.14 Small joint manipulation
    3.15 Heel hooks
    3.16 Neck cranks
    3.17 Pull the opponent’s attire or fighting gears
    3.18 Timidity (avoiding contact, or consistent dropping of mouthpiece, or faking an injury)
    3.19 Pull any part of body out of fighting area or touch the ring.
    3.20 Throwing an opponent out of the fighting area
    3.21 Spitting at an opponent
    3.22 Any unsportsmanlike conduct
    3.23 The use of abusive language in fighting area or any unrespected manner to staff
    3.24 Attacking an opponent on or during the break
    3.25 Flagrant disregard of the referee's instructions
    3.26 Interference from mentor/coach

    4. Types of Fight Termination

  • 4.1 Knockout by failure to rise from the canvas
    4.2 Intentionally committed foul and dismissed by referee
    4.3 Submission by tap out / verbal tap out
    4.4 Ringside physician stops fight when an injury is severe enough to terminate the fight
    4.5 The corner throws in the towel
    4.6 Forfeit: when a fighter fails to begin competition or prematurely ends the fight for reasons other than injury or by indicating a tap out
    4.7 Technical knock out (TKO) by: referee stop fight when an injury is severe enough to terminate a fight
    4.8 Judged by referee to stop a fight

    5. Scoring

  • 5.1 Total of 3 committees: full score of 10 points per round; 10 points given to the superior fighter and 9 points to the inferior one, The result of an Extra round is up to referee's decision
    5.2 One point deduction each when committed foul, judged by referee
    5.3 Terminate fight when committed foul, dismissed by referee

    6. Attires

  • 6.1 Fighters can use any cloth fit with each fighting style
    6.2 No use of any part of attire as a combat tool on the fighting area
    6.3 Attire must by polite and permitted by referee and no part is harmful to the opponent

    7. Fighting gears

  • 7.1 Mouth guard; to be provided by each fighter
    7.2 Groin; to be provided by each fighter
    7.3 Head guard is compulsory
    7.4 Grapping gloves is compulsory
    7.5 Other accessories i.e. cotton handwraps, tape, to be provided by each fighter

    *Details are subject to change, if necessary, without prior notice.
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